Event on Climate change

Asyarfs was at the climate change event at Bonn Germany.

The Change in Climate poses a threat to life which dictates our security and enjoyment on Earth. It’s an ongoing challenge we tackle everyday yet it speedup faster than our ability to curb.

As existence and our lives crave for development, Technically, Mechanically and socially, so also the carbon system is multiplied more than the previous years, which invariably affect the planet. For instance; High rising of sea levels, Storms, Floods, Fire out break etc.

However,   Asabe Shehu Yar’Adua Foundation is also making efforts in line with the United Nations core values to proffering solution to these threats facing the local society maybe (Earth).

For example; ASYARF, voluntarily shouldered informative programs to educate the indigenous on their environment such as Operation keep the environment clean, avoid drainage blockage etc.

Mohammad Zaman, An observer of ASYARF on climate issue was in attendance to discuss Climate Change in Bonn Germany organized by UNFCCC

Private sector, civil society and individuals has unlimited role to play on climate issues.