PRESS RELEASE on National Peace Drama and Speech Day {Edition 2}… Speech Delivered by DR. AMBASSADOR ASABE SHEHU YAR’ADUA (Northern Icon) @asyarfs #asabe4DFuture



Distinguished Guests of Honor, Members of the High Tables, Guest Speakers, Ladies and Gentlemen, and other protocols observed, with great pleasure, am pleased to highly welcome every one of you to this great and most disseminative occasion.

I must strongly commend the organizers of these historic gathering for reviving our memories on a global issue that has made millions of Nigerians victims of violence and various concepts of societal vices, setting our beloved country on a core of cremation.

As an Ambassador for this Generation, and an advocate for Mother and Child survival in Africa, I must be realistic and decisive on whatsoever am presenting to you all today, with a topic reflecting on the need for every patriotic citizens of our beloved nation Nigeria to rise for generational impacts.

It’s a clear fact that we may find it very hard to curb the recipes of our socio – Political cum Ethno- religious crises that has deactivated the proceeding of our multi-cultural modalities in diversity, which has made our nation the haven of corruption, Gender violence, Political chaos, kidnapping, communal violence, Hate speeches, Bad governance and other visible virus of societal vices residing in our beloved country Nigeria.

The Civil war era in Nigeria has given birth to many evil acts that has destroyed the good images of our National interest, thus presenting the stake of Leadership in our global trends as a corruptive leadership traits in our nation. Nigeria is continuously weighed-down by ethno-Religious burdens; this undermines the effectiveness of federalism to foster National unity and security, and also threatens the stability of the federation against sustainable Development.

The vile for political power tussle and the exit of a democratic conscience in our minds, most especially the leaders of present Nigeria has paved way for the mayhems and various concepts powered by societal vices against the unity of Nigerians and the nation as a whole.

Gone are those days  of true federalism, when Nigerian live together as one regardless of our religion, ethnical background and political preferences which today engaged our country openly to all sort of threat against the betterment of Humanity and our National Securities.

Democracy in this part of world is a great shame to Humanity, most of our political leaders adhere to socio activities drafted on corruption and political crises for their selfish political reason, this has made our electoral proceedings nonproductive and ethnical disparities and corruptive decisions of leaders in Nigeria made many lives and properties insecure, we are victims of National Insecurities as we head to the climax edge of a waiting Generation.

Thousands of Children, Mothers and Innocent Household Family Members are dying every day in silent, millions of Nigerians are victims of these so called Socio Political cum ethno religious crises made by men, our Democracy now lives on Political Leader and public servants serving the nation without respect for Humanity, amidst National insecurities, Nigerians are homeless, jobless, hopeless and helpless without any signal of succor for their livelihood.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, we must decide now to fight corruption, abiding with the rules of laws on our constitutional platforms, entrusting  the patriotic services rendered  by the present Administration, we should believe and support the policy of His excellency, President Muhammed Buhari GCFR, A God sent President and Leader that has fought bravely against corruption in Nigeria.

Nigerian should rise and support President Muhammed Buhari GCFR, He will surely make history on total transformation, this is a clear fact that since 2015 when He came to power as the Grand Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we have all witness Change in Diversity, an inclusive Government that works with Political Leaders, Experts and various specialists from across the 36 states of the federation, destined for Generation Impacts.

We should hope in God and be decisive now to support the continuity of a Government that has determined to fight corruption to finish, liberating Nigerians from pains and agonies with a visible promise to make Nigeria the most Peaceful Community on Planet Earth.

We must end political enmity within our Democratic governance in Nigeria, our socio cultural Family inheritance and ways of living that has made us one Nigeria in the past must be revisited, Nigerians everywhere and anywhere should be free to move, walk, or say all oppression and victimization from one Nigerian to another must end.

And in conclusion, Nigerians must abides with patriotic conscience encompass with divine intervention for the betterment of Humanity, this will enable us achieve a unified resolution to National Insecurities.

Always remember that on this Generation our Decision is now, we should focus on Development issues that will be of great benefits to our unborn Generation.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be part of this great event on National Insecurities, wishing you all a safe Journey back to your respective destination.



Venue: Nigeria Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) Kofo Abayomi, Victoria, Island, Lagos.

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