European Disability movement demands the right to vote in 2019

Old woman in wheelchair facing stairs that have a sign saying "Voting station"

Voting remains inaccessible to many persons with disabilities. Credits: Aurore de Boncourt

Stairs in polling stations. Long, complicated instructions. Unreadable voting ballots. Candidates voting on behalf of blind persons. Deprivation of the legal right to vote for persons with intellectual disabilities. These common issues still prevent persons with disabilities from voting in 2019.

Over 80 million persons with disabilities routinely face easy-to-solve problems in voting. In a time where abstention, scepticism and political apathy are higher than ever, providing accessible elections is essential. It will show that European governments still care about their citizens.

This is why today we are launching our “European elections for all” petition. It tells leaders that we want a Europe of equals. It tells leaders that they need to make Europe more democratic. It tells leaders that over 80 million European voices matter.

Yannis Vardakastanis, President of the European Disability Forum stated “Voting, and standing for elections, are two of the most important rights we have. This ongoing discrimination has to end.”

Join your voice to ours.

Sign our petition now.

Notes to editors

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The European Disability Forum is an independent NGO that defends the interests of 80 million Europeans with disabilities. EDF is a unique platform which brings together representative organisations of persons with disabilities from across Europe. It is run by persons with disabilities and their families. EDF is a strong, united voice of persons with disabilities in Europe

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