Asyarfs advises all Nigerians on their voting right towards the 2019 general elections

We Asyarfs urges politicians, political parties, aspirants and other relevant stakeholders to play by the rules, even as the 2019 elections is fast approaching.

We advise law enforcement agents to demonstrate loyalty to their calling and the constitution of the country.

Through our founder Dr. Ashabe Shehu Yar’adua, we advised Nigerians against being used by politicians as ready tools to destroy human lives and properties in the name of support and loyalty.

Her advise: “The overtly inflammatory statements by top-ranking political leaders, which have the real potential of incensing partisan conflicts that can degenerate into communal clashes and mass casualties, worsening the already cheerless level of insecurity and conflicts in the country, is worrisome.

It is our duty to call politicians and stakeholders to follow the spirit of politics without rancour and bitterness and one that is strictly based on constructive engagements, factual debates, and constitutionality.

“If by acts of omission or commission the nation is thrown into serious political chaos, the poor and vulnerable including women and children will bear the greatest brunt,”  we also advised law enforcement agents to stringent in dealing with defaulters objectively and without let or hindrance.

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